GUNNAR Optiks Teams Up with LG Electronics to Enhance Cinema 3D Experience in the Home

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GUNNAR Optiks today announced an alliance with LG Electronics to co-promote GUNNARs premium 3D eyewear to consumers who have purchased LG CINEMA 3D HDTVs. The cooperation represents the first time that optical equipment used by professionals in the entertainment industry will be available to consumers for use with 3D TVs. Joint promotional initiatives, primarily encompassing digital marketing elements, will be executed in the United States to position GUNNARs Premium 3D eyewear as a premium accessory for LG CINEMA 3D customers.

Originally introduced in January 2010, GUNNARs premium 3D lens is RealD-certified and was the first optically correct eyewear available to consumers, setting an industry standard for quality. Achieving the highest laboratory-tested light transmission and highest measured optical resolution, our 3D eyewear has provided both professionals and consumers an optimal visual experience in theaters,” said Rob Aarnes, president at GUNNAR Optiks. “Together with LG’s experience in 3D TV technology, this unique combination of innovation is now available in the home for consumers around the globe. Were pleased to align our efforts to reinforce our belief that the future of 3D lies with LGs passive CINEMA 3D technology.

GUNNAR Optiks Premium 3D eyewear reaches a global distribution network within both the consumer electronics and optical retail environments, including Best Buy stores and online at, as well as domestic and international eyewear chains and independent eye care providers. Various frames are available for an MSRP of US$49 to $149.

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LG CINEMA 3D HDTVs and Monitors

LG CINEMA 3D TVs use a similar 3D technology employed in movie theaters. LGs Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) optimizes the separation of images for the left and right eye, which are then filtered through the polarized glasses. Individual left and right eye images are then combined for a 3D picture in Full HD1080p. This gives viewers a great 3D effect and also virtually eliminates cross-talk, providing an outstanding overall 3D viewing experience. In fact, third-party consumer research commissioned by LG shows that four out of five consumers prefer the overall 3D experience of LG CINEMA 3D TV technology from LG Electronics over active 3D TVs from Sony and Samsung.*

LG has expanded the LG CINEMA 3D series to include nine models available now: the LW6500 series in 47-, 55- and 65-inch class screen sizes (47.0-, 54.6- and 64.7-inch diagonals, respectively), the LW5600 and the LW5700 series in 47- and 55-inch class screen sizes (47.0- and 54.6-inch diagonals, respectively), and the all-new LW5300 entertainment packages bundled with a 3D Blu-ray player in 47- or 55-inch class screen sizes (47.0- and 54.6-inch diagonals, respectively).

LG CINEMA 3D computer monitors also employ FPR technology to provide clear, bright 3D images and less crosstalk. The 23-inch class model LG D23242P-PN is ideal for gaming, complemented by GUNNARs Premium 3D eyewear. In contrast with conventional battery-powered active shutter 3D glasses, the GUNNAR eyewear is lightweight, entirely free of electrical parts and manufactured with optically-correct lenses for consistent geometry and optimized light transmission.

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About GUNNAR Optiks Premium 3D Eyewear

Using the same i-AMPlens technology that made it the leading brand of digital performance eyewear, GUNNARs 3D lenses feature optimized light transmission, enhanced true color vision, maximized contrast ratio, and near perfect polarization efficiency of 40 lines of resolution per square inch to minimize crosstalk, ghosting and degradation of 3D effects which causes discomfort and headaches. The RealD-certified eyewear combines form and function, allowing owners to experience 3D movies and games with improved clarity and comfort while minimizing eyestrain.

Unlike molded plastic frames that distort optics when flexed and provide no chance for a customized fit, GUNNAR’s US-made passive circular polarized lenses are supported in optical quality frames. A personal.

fit is guaranteed through spring hinges and ultra-comfortable, adjustable nose pads and custom prescription for people that require corrective lenses. Additionally, 3D professionals can work with ergonomically correct eyewear that improves detail and optical resolution while reducing visual and physical discomfort.Whether the application requires running a military flight planning simulation, creating/viewing virtual 3D home and commercial architecture environments, or mapping the human genome through molecular modeling GUNNARs professional line of 3D eyewear sets a new standard for visual performance.

To learn more about GUNNAR Optiks and to find a Best Buy location that carries GUNNAR Optiks eyewear, please visit: A press kit containing Fact Sheet, 3D FAQs and other assets may be downloaded by clicking here (2MB).


About GUNNAR Optiks

GUNNAR Optiks, LLC engineers and produces Digital Performance Eyewear, eyeglasses that enhance and work with the human visual system when viewing computer screens and digital devices. GUNNAR, a privately held company, was founded in 2005 and officially launched Digital Performance Eyewear in the United States in October 2008. For more information, please visit

GUNNAR, the GUNNAR logo, and i-AMP are registered trademarks of GUNNAR Optiks, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Copyright 2010. GUNNAR Optiks, LLC. All rights reserved.


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The fact that inpatient medical coding deals with patients after they are discharged from health centers makes it widely different and much more complicated than outpatient billing and coding. Inpatient billing and coding has to account for the entire set of eventualities stemming from a patients stay in a medical facility, almost requiring a coder to combine the qualifications and knowledge of a medical practitioner as well as a coder. For example, the coder reviews records of discharged inpatients, assigns standard procedural codes, sifts through documentation in medical records to summarize statistical data, determines different levels of diagnoses.

This is why healthcare setups are increasingly outsourcing their inpatient billing and coding processes to professional billers and coders. But, surprisingly, even this has not stopped inpatient billing from being a source of concern for medical outfits and professional coders alike. It is quite simple to understand: preparing inpatient claims brings together challenges that are specific to inpatient claim preparation as well as problems that are common to other areas of billing and coding. To meet the challenges adequately, a billing and coding outfit requires an experienced team of billers and coders, who can combine medical and coding knowledge to go through medical records, understand diagnoses and identify appropriate codes for them. It requires a robust data management system to maintain and seamlessly refer to medical records pertaining to inpatient treatment episodes. When looking for High Quality, search engine friendly and mobile friendly websites you need to have a look at hiring the top Web Design Company in Traverse city.

It also requires appropriate software platforms to transact data without compromising on its privacy, failing to do which can cause non-adherence to HIPPA.

With intricate procedure coding, accurate charge capture, electronic filling, the largest Medical Billing and Coding consortium in the US has helped both small and big healthcare centers to bring down their claim rejections and improve revenues.